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Suite 1, 103 Flora Terrace

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Since 2003, Brett has built a solid career in Real Estate. In 2013 he joined Realmark as a Director alongside Sean and Jenny Hughes at Realmark Coastal.
His experience in residential sales to working with investors and leading an executive property management team has provided him with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the real estate industry. On top of this, Brett is a property investor himself and knows only too well what a good property management team can bring to the table.
In 2009, a change in lifestyle saw Brett relocate to the UK where he expanded his real estate career working with leading property agents in central London. Seeing a gap in the market led him to establishing his own sales and leasing agency in London. Managing his own business and investment portfolios has given Brett the edge when it comes to understanding the specific needs of clients, his attention to detail, integrity and professionalism lead towards one thing ensuring his clients achieve the outcome they are looking for.
Brett values working in a team and strives to build a great, supportive and collaborative property management team. He is truly passionate about the property management side of the business which he naturally excels at.
In his down time, Brett enjoys good food and wine, travelling and a round at the golf course.

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